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Me And My Dog: The Ultimate Contest

Our first major format, Me And My Dog: The Ultimate Contest is a co-production with Wall to Wall Media. In this brand new series presented by Chris Packham, Me And My Dog sees eight owners and their dogs from across the UK compete together in a unique contest set in the testing terrain of the Lake District.

Over four weeks, canine scientists and dog trainers will help them unlock the full potential of their partnership as they compete in a series of challenges. The best duos will win a place in the grand final, but only one pair can be crowned ultimate champions. Throughout the contest, dog devotee Chris will unveil the science behind the incredible bond between human and dog.

Specialist Factual Series
4 x 60

The Black Lesbian Handbook: USA

The second series of our top rating shorts series for All4 exploring the lives of young black lesbians. In series 2 we follow some of the British characters from the first series as they journey to Atlanta to let their hair down at Black Pride and meet some larger than life characters in their American counterparts. How do their US cousins differ in the way they party, label themselves, think about life and connect?

Shortlisted for a Broadcast Digital Award 2016 – Best Non-Scripted Online Short

Shorts Documentary Series
6 x 4

The Black Lesbian Handbook Series 1

Our first two series of documentary shorts for All4 are in their top 5 rated shows to date. Series 1 provides an insight into the underground world of London’s urban black lesbian scene. The young women who feature in each episode find sanctuary in a secret community, known to the inner circle as the ‘Scene’, in which everyone has a role and a place. Made up of Studs, Muffins, Wifelets and Bears. In this world they feel safe and free to express themselves. Sometimes shocking, sometimes provocative, always powerful.

Nominated for a Banff Rockie Award 2015 for Best Digital Unscripted Series

Shorts Documentary Series
5 x 4